The skeleton of the blue whale was recovered from Kamorta Island. it possible beached due to biomagnetic navigational syndrome which occours at places where geomagnetic coutours cross the coast at right angle.

The mighty mammal can grow so large that eight elephants can easily stand in a row on its back. Capable of cruising at 02 to 30 Kmph. The Blue whale can stand under water upto 20 minutes between two inhalations. The signature water spout of the whale is the exhaled air by the animal and can reach as high as 09 meters.

How whales navigate?

When a whale swims under water, air circulates under pressure throught its nasal passages to produce clicks or similar sounds. The whales 'melon' a round mass of blubber between the blow hole and the front of the head, directs the sound forward to head, directs the sound forward to hit the object in its way. When a sound signal hits a object it is reflected back to the whale and is picked by the sensitive areas

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